Free royalty free music

Free royalty free music

If your are a Humanitarian organizations, a student, or a private individual, you may Download and use the royalty free music tracks at no cost in your Web films and Internet audiovisual projects. Any track in the MusicScreen library can be used at no cost in your web projects as long as you credit . To find out if you are eligible to use the music on this site free of charge, please request an authorization.

Conditions of use

A- Conditions

• Request an authorization.
• Mention the source of the music (E.g: "Music: the music page URL" or "Music provided by"..etc)
• No commercial use (this includes the promotion of a product, a brand or paid service)
• You are not authorized to modify the work.
• You can not use the music to make songs or music remix.
• You can not upload the music to digital music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Soundcloud..etc)

B- What you are free to do

• Communicate the work
• Reproduce the work
• Synchronize the work with web video