Is your music royalty free?
Yes, as long as the appropriate user license for your project has been purchased. The music in the database is protected by copyright law, and the user license is proof that the composer has given you the authorization to use the work. The license agreement which you shall receive after making a payment is your proof with respect to copyright collectives. There is no additional fees (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SABAM, SUISA...)

Can i use your music at no cost in non commercial context?
Yes, Absolutely! To qualify For the free use, you have to meet the following conditions:


- You must request an authorization.
- Mention the source of the music (E.g: "Music: the music page URL" or "Music provided by"..etc)
- No commercial use (this includes the promotion of a product, a brand or paid service)
When is it forbidden to use your music?
- You are not authorized to modify the work.
- You can not use the music to make songs or music remix.
How can I download music?
Once you have chosen your music, click on the green 'Download' button and a message will appear, asking you where you would like to save the file.
If for some reason nothing happens, right click on the 'Download' button and choose 'save as...'.
Please contact me if you should encounter other difficulties.

Can I make cuts in the music (or repeat it) to adapt it to my project?
Yes you may do this. You may also add voice-overs, sound effects, etc.

Do I become the owner of the music once I have purchased a license?
No. The music remains the property of the composer. By purchasing a license, you have the right to use the music within the framework of the license agreement established between you and the composer (Internet use, video game, etc.). You may not sell the music in question or transfer your license.

What must I do to receive a license agreement?
After Paypal or card payment, you will automatically receive your license. In the case of a bank transfer, please send me a short description of your project with the information necessary to create your license. Once your payment is received, an email will be sent to the address provided by you. This message will contain the copyright notice as well as your license.
What format is the music sent in?
You will receive an email with your music in mp3 format, as well as a link to a WAV file (44.1Khz 16 bits). Other formats are available on request (48Khz, 96Khz, 16 and 24 bits).
Do you offer personalized music?
Yes. 95% of the music on the website may be modified to suit your project. The modifiable parameters are: the length, the tempo, the substitution of instruments by others and the removal of instruments. A fee is charged for this service (between 100€ and 500€, not including the cost of the licence).
Do you compose music tailored to a specific project?
Yes. The music may be composed according to your image editing. This guarantees music/image synchronization and gives your project more of an impact.
How much does it cost to have music composed for a specific project?
The price depends mainly on the production cost. The number of musicians, style of music, length and complexity are factors which influence the price.
Tell me about your project and your needs in terms of orchestration, style, etc. I shall send you a cost estimate.
Which payment methods are available?
I accept bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal payments.

Here are the details for a bank transfer:

Hicham Chahidi
IBAN: BE82 9733 7605 3068
Bank: Argenta
Communication: Rights 'your name' or 'company name'

I also invite you to send me an e-mail. Upon receipt of your payment, the invoice and the license agreement will be sent to you.
Tv & Radio broadcast
if your production will be broadcast on television or on radio, you have to give the broadcaster the references of the music used (title, composer name and the exact timing)
in addition to this, please download the Cue Sheet and return it completed to: licensing (at) musicscreen (dot) org
Thank you