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The music available on the website is subject to the provisions of the copyright act. It is the property of composer/producer Hicham Chahidi, and must be the object of a license agreement before any use or distribution. All rights reserved. Except as authorized, any use of the works other than private use is forbidden. The purchase of a user license grants the user all of the rights necessary in order to use the music within the framework of his or her project.

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Personal information:

The website does not gather any personal information. The names, email addresses, telephone numbers and other information provided when placing an order are never shared with a third party.


1- Object of licenses:

The composer grants the user the non-exclusive right to use the chosen music in return for the full payment of the fee for the appropriate license. The license is valid for a specific music selection and a specific project. Before making a payment, the user shall provide the information required for the license agreement: title of the chosen music, type of use, length, distribution media, etc. The license shall therefore mention this information. The license cannot be transferred or sold by the user.

2- Prohibition:

- You can not use the music to make songs or music remix.
- You are not authorized to modify the work.

3- Length:

Except for licenses for audio backgrounds in public spaces, some music for telephones on hold and commercials, all licenses have an unlimited length.

4- Composer's guarantees:

The composer shall grant the user who has paid for a license the rights (for synchronization, use, copying, distribution, etc.) necessary for the use of the final product (commercials, corporate videos, telephone on hold, etc.).

The composer shall provide the user with a non-compressed version of the music if it is requested, electronically via a http or ftp link.

The user will receive the license immediately after his payment

In case of exceptional trouble with the system, the composer shall undertake to send the corresponding license to the user within two business days once the payment has been received (provided that the information given by the user is accurate and complete).

The composer guarantees that the music is original and that it does not affect the rights of a third party. The composer guarantees the user against all claims on this matter.

The composer guarantees that the user is authorized to make use of the rights granted in the proposed licenses.

5- User's guarantees:

The moral right of the composer is formally reserved.

Except as authorized by the composer, the user shall undertake to mention the composer's name in the credits and on the promotional material for the work. The user shall ensure that distributors and operators respect this obligation.

The user shall make no changes to the music without the prior agreement of the composer.

The user guarantees that the use which shall be made of the work shall be in conformance with his or her declaration, and that he or she shall not claim that anyone other than the composer is the author of the work.

The user guarantees that the use which shall be made of the work shall not harm the dignity of others.

The user shall not give up a license agreement without the written agreement of the composer.

The user shall not use a work for which he or she does not have a user license.

6- The rights of public performance and broadcasting:

If the music is used for television or radio projects, the producer and the user have to give to the broadcaster the references of the music used (title, composer name "Hicham Chahidi" and the exact timing), so the broadcaster can provide this information to the music rights organization (SACEM, SABAM, SUISA, BMI,..).

In addition to this, please download the Cue Sheet and return it completed to: licensing (at) musicscreen (dot) org
Thank you

7- Termination:

The non compliance by the user with any of the above conditions shall result in the automatic right to terminate the license agreement, by means of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, and no possible reimbursement. In the case of fraudulent use, the composer may claim damages. The amount of damages is at least 3 times the price of the license corresponding to the use made of the music..

8- Jurisdiction:

The license contracts issued via are governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Belgium shall have exclusive jurisdiction.