5 Juillet : Royalty Free Music


Music written on an arpeggio chord progression and a lively tempo. The piano's festive arpeggios resonate with infectious elation, creating a joyous symphony that evokes the spirit of celebration. Each note, bouncy and sparkling, intertwines in a playful musical dance, spreading positive and festive energy.

Rhythmic variations add lively dynamics, creating a joyful dance atmosphere. Lighter moments mingle with exhilarating crescendos, like the waves of elation that build as the party grows. The pauses between notes are filled with anticipation, creating jubilant tension before each musical burst.

It is music that celebrates life, inviting people to dance and rejoice. The piano arpeggios weave a jubilant web of sound, a perfect soundtrack for moments of celebration and shared happiness. It's a musical ode to joy, capturing the festive spirit with an infectious liveliness and exuberance that makes the heart beat to the rhythm of celebration.

Duration: 03:48
Instrumentation: Piano.
Possible customizations: Reverb customization: to simulate a larger or smaller room. Recordings of this music performed on 3 different pianos: Steinway, Petrof and Bechstein. Duration modification. New arrangements, Synchronization to images / film. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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