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Soft and airy music built around a chord sequence. Soft and calm melodies supported by lively and fast arpeggios. Tenth track from the album “Passion”. Result of the recording of a particularly well-inspired improvisation session :-) This delicate piano composition creates a soft and airy sound universe, shaped around a series of chords which seems to suspend time. The first notes, tender and captivating, evoke an atmosphere of tranquility, as if the melody was floating in the air like descending feathers.

The sequence of chords, intertwined with subtlety, creates an enveloping harmonic base for the soft and calm melodies which unfold with grace. Each note seems to caress the soul, evoking a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. The lively and rapid arpeggios, like rays of light, support the main melody with impressive agility, adding a dynamic and lively dimension to the composition.

The arpeggios, like swirls of emotion, complement the gentle melodies, creating a rich and complex sound texture. The contrast between the delicacy of the held notes and the liveliness of the arpeggios generates a captivating harmony, capturing the listener's attention and taking them into a light and graceful musical dance. The moments of calm, between the more lively movements, create a musical breath, offering moments of contemplation within the aerial ensemble. The harmonies, although soft, leave a deep imprint, as if each note carried a story to tell.

Tags: Aerial, softness, night sky.
Duration: 03:21
Instrumentation: Piano.
Possible customizations: Reverb customization: to simulate a larger or smaller room. Recordings of this music performed on 3 different pianos: Steinway, Petrof and Bechstein. Duration modification. New arrangements, Synchronization to images / film. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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