Grand Amour : Royalty Free Music


Royalty-free acoustic music giving a positive atmosphere; a rhythmic piece inviting one to dancing and good humor. The piece begins with chords played on the ukulele, followed by a tuba giving a bass line. A groovy bass and a drum kit give the music a solid rhythmic base, over which a guitar plays in the funk style. This piece will go well with any positive or joyful message, inciting lightness and happiness ;-)
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Tags: Joy, pleasure, positive attitude, happiness, dance..
Duration: 02:52
Instrumentation: Ukulele, tuba, electric bass, electric guitar, drum kit and violin section.
Possible customizations: Tempo modification by speeding up or slowing down the music. Loop creation. Effects creation, Remixing and audio mastering. Orchestration modification. Synchronization to video. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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