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Music structured in three movements. The pianistic composition opens with a minimalist and dark first movement, evoking an atmosphere marked by mystery and gravity. The notes, spaced with intention, resonate in the space like melancholic echoes. Each chord brings emotional depth, creating a stark sonic canvas that invites the listener to delve into the dark recesses of the soul.

The subtle nuances of the minimalist movement create a contemplative tension, as if each note were a thought suspended in the air. The repeating patterns evoke quiet introspection, while the minor keys help create a dark, introspective mood. It is a musical experience that explores inner shadows, capturing the complexity of darker emotions.

Then, like a change of season, the composition pivots towards a second movement, filled with a calming positivity. The notes, now brighter and joyful, dance with renewed energy. The still minor chords now create an atmosphere of renewal, as if a bright light is emerging from the darkness of the first movement. It is a movement that inspires hope, evoking images of the rising sun after a deep night.

Tags: Minimalist, nostalgia.
Duration: 06:12
Instrumentation: Piano.
Possible customizations: Reverb customization: to simulate a larger or smaller room. Recordings of this music performed on 3 different pianos: Steinway, Petrof and Bechstein. Duration modification. New arrangements, Synchronization to images / film. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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