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Soft royalty-free music with the main melody whistled. The piece begins with arpeggios played on the acoustic guitar and with the whistled melody. The ensemble is joined by a solo violin, a string section, an electric bass, and a drum kit. The music suits subjects about nature, positive and sweet scenes, with some nostalgic passages. These passages yield to fullness as soon as the whistled melody comes back in. More Happy royalty free music

Tags: peace, pleasure, serenity, children, well-being, nature, softness..
Duration: 02:46
Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, electric bass, string section, solo violin, and whistling voice.
Possible customizations: Tempo modification by speeding up or slowing down the music. Loop creation. Effects creation, Remixing and audio mastering. Orchestration modification. Synchronization to video. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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