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A never ending piece.
A musical composition that finds its essence in chord progressions, like seeds that germinate to give life to a melodic garden. From the first notes, the chords resonate with evocative power, establishing a solid harmonic foundation that becomes the fertile ground for a flourishing melodic theme. The chords, carefully chosen and arranged, establish an atmosphere that guides the listener through an emotionally rich soundscape. Each chord is a palette of harmonic colors, creating a sonic canvas on which the melodic theme will blossom. The chord progressions seem to be the musical grammar that dictates the story, providing moments of tension, resolution and intense emotion.

The theme emerges organically from the chord progressions, like a story that gradually reveals itself. The melodies, carried by these harmonic foundations, dance with grace and express a variety of emotions. The subtle nuances between each chord add depth to the musical narrative, creating a sonic experience that evokes both the complexity and simple beauty of human emotions.

Tags: Never ending song
Duration: 06:09
Instrumentation: Piano.
Possible customizations: Reverb customization: to simulate a larger or smaller room. Recordings of this music performed on 3 different pianos: Steinway, Petrof and Bechstein. Duration modification. New arrangements, Synchronization to images / film. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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