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symphonic royalty free music with sections of choirs and symphonic orchestra (without wind instruments), piano and harp. Romantic music that consists of two parts. A first where a female choir sings a sweet and soft melody harmonized by violas and cellos sections. The second part gives off greater power thanks to the men bass voices playing staccato and accompanied by the brass section and the orchestral percussion. The piece evolves with a crescendo uphill to get back on the melody (intro) sung by women's choir and accompanied by the strings. More epic royalty free music

SIMILAR TRACKS: Open ; Grandioso ; Heros ; Gouttes ;
Tags: Softness, female voices, male voices, Passion, romance, power ..
Duration: 04:24
Instrumentation: female choir, male choir, harp, piano, strings, brass and percussion.
Possible customizations: Tempo changing. Loop edition. Duration modification. Effects creation, Audio mastering and remix. Orchestration and arrangement. Synchronization to images / film. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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