Suzy : Royalty Free Music


Short electronic royalty free music track composed and produced in 2002 for a designer's website. The orchestration used in this song had to be powerful without bein agressive. This music features water sound effects recorded and edited using a sampler and several audio effects. Digital synthesizers (virtual instruments) were used: several instruments patches used with a software arpeggiator and give to the track this hypnotic aspect.. Equalization, compression and filters are used on an acoustic drum kit and on acoustic percussions.

SIMILAR TRACKS: Acid Trips ; Robot ; Cours apres moi ; Lucia ; Voyage
Tags: Suspense, flight, running, technology, house, electro, sci-fi...
Duration: 00:45
Instrumentation: layers, percussion, arpeggiators, drum kit, and analog sounds.
Possible customizations: Increasing the tempo to slow down or speed up the music. Loop creation. Applying effects, changing the mix and audio mastering. Changing the orchestration. Synchronizing to images. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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