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Royalty free classical Arabic music, with a typical orchestra composed of a section of violins and violas, a percussion section composed of riq, darbouka and def, an oud (Arab lute) and a quanun. The theme is played by all instruments in unison, the oud plays a rhythmic pattern and the quanun performs an improvisation in Arabic modes. This style of music is present in Arab countries such as Iraq, Syria, as well as in Iran and Turkey. More Oriental royalty free music

SIMILAR TRACKS: Persian Flower ; Aspahan ; Zeffa ; Quitara ; Arabikom ; Danza
Tags: Music Arabic, Turkish, Oriental, Iranian Music..
Duration: 03:34
Instrumentation: Oud, violins, altos, riq, darbouka, def and Quanun.
Possible customizations: Tempo edition. Loop creation. Duration modification. Effects customization, Audio mastering and remix. Orchestration and arrangement. Synchronization to images / film. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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