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Royalty free electronica music with a very particular sound design work. Composed at first as a vocal song, this is why it has this particular structure (verse – chorus – verse – chorus – bridge -- ...etc). The vocal song version will be available soon in the Music Screen site (in the VOICE category). What else to say about this track? A great softness, and a particular finesse in the use of evolving sounds and sound effects. In addition to the whole arsenal of electro sounds, an alto saxophone is used in the solo parts and in the bridges.

SIMILAR TRACKS: Treize ; Heros ; Majaise ; L'etoile
Tags: Sad, somber, introspection, dream, sound design, regret...
Duration: 04:23
Instrumentation: Sonic layers, acid analog bass, alto saxophone, sound effects, percussion, and synthesizer.
Possible customizations: Increasing the tempo to slow down or speed up the music. Loop creation. Applying effects, changing the mix and audio mastering. Changing the orchestration. Synchronizing to images. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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