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Electronic royalty free music piece, an anguishing and very heavy atmosphere created by a detuned section of violins and altos, as well as a detuned piano. The whole accompanies a slow and heavy rhythm (groove). Various synthesizers are playing the role of a synthetic bass marking the first beat of each bar (measure), as well as a lead synth that intervenes intermittently. Composed for a R'n''B song this title will suit to dress up an anguishing sequence, and will give a strange atmosphere..

SIMILAR TRACKS: Heros ; Majaise ; L'etoile ; Riviere
Tags: Anxiety, fear, strange, mystery..
Duration: 06:40
Instrumentation: detuned Strings and piano, synthesizers, drums.
Possible customizations: Tempo modification to speed up or slow down the music. Loop Creation. Changing the effects, the mix and the mastering. Changing the instrumentation. Synchronizing to images (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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