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Composed and produced in 2002, SPACE is a result of a long sound design work and the use of musical hardware called "Creamware". Royalty-free electronic music performed entirely on modular digital synthesizers. A marriage between a rhythmic part, with very active, present bass and drums, and hypnotic and airy synth pads (inspired by the indian guitar sitar". There is also a solo performed on Arab modes, played with a lead sound. Several tracks are treated by resonant filters..

SIMILAR TRACKS: Dumaya ; Tigra ; Attente ; Onze ; Amour des Bush pour la guerre ; Gnawa Spirit
Tags: Sci-fi, science fiction, strange, mystery, nostalgia...
Duration: 04:45
Instrumentation: Electric bass, drum kit, percussion, synthetic sounds.
Possible customizations: Changing the tempo to speed up or slow down the music. Create a loop. Changing the effects, the mix and the audio mastering. Changing the instrumentation. Synchronizing to images. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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