Amour des Bush pour la guerre : Royalty Free Music


Composed the day of the second invasion of Iraq by George Bush (20 March 2003), this piece is a sort of cry of distress... The rhythmic, cyclic part represents the machine of war, rigid, cold, and unwavering. The solo piano, in an oriental mode, represents the suffering of the human beings who are bombed but do not understand what is happening to them and have no means of changing the situation... Electronica royalty free song with sad, melancholic and nostalgic mood. Complex rhythmic patterns thanks to the heavy use of delays effects.

SIMILAR TRACKS: Dumaya ; Tigra ; Space ; Attente ; Onze ; Gnawa Spirit
Tags: Electro, sadness, war, urgency...
Duration: 02:52
Instrumentation: Analog bass, piano, synthesizers, and beat boxes.
Possible customizations: Changing the tempo to speed up or slow down the music. Create a loop. Changing the effects, the mix and the audio mastering. Changing the instrumentation. Synchronizing to images. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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