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Royalty-free Moroccan music. Jarra is a Moroccan style which is part of the chaabi (popular) repertoire. It’s dance music par excellence, played at weddings in practically all regions of Morocco. This particular style is characterized by violin, often played by the singer, and by the rhythmic line played by the bendir, the Moroccan equivalent of the oriental Def, and Western drum kit. Other percussion instruments can be used, like metal castanets for women. Jarra is inspired by this popular tradition. It’s a music that stirs, a trance music with all the melodic ingredients of Oriental music: quarter tones, improvisation, etc.

Tags: Morocco, jarra, chaabi, Moroccan music, party, wedding, dance, trance..
Duration: 05:13
Instrumentation: Violin, electric bass, drum kit, synthesizer, bendir, riq.
Possible customizations: Tempo modification by speeding up or slowing down the music. Loop production. Effects creation, Remixing and audio mastering. Orchestration modification. Synchronization to video. (Customization is a paid service; please ask for a quote)


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